My name is Vaibhav Vishal.

I have been asked to add some sort of a disclaimer here so that I don’t get killed. 

I am sorry if this, or everything else in the world, affects your sensibilities and sensitivities. I don’t offend, disrespect, hurt, upset, molest or kill in real life. Most of the time.  I am sorry if I have become a different person in the virtual space.

I apologize to you, you, you and you. And I apologize to you, too, the one with an apology of a face. I also apologize to Mithun Chakraborty for Mimoh.  Now please don’t kill me, sirs.

I am @ofnosurnamefame on Twitter.

Sharad Pawar hoping nobody would notice the little chit Pranab Mukherjee put in his pocket. (Manmohan Singh noticed!)

Sharad Pawar suddenly realizing it wasn’t a mic poking him.

Sharad Pawar filled with gratitude for all what Mother Teresa has done for the country.