My name is Vaibhav Vishal.

I have been asked to add some sort of a disclaimer here so that I don’t get killed. 

I am sorry if this, or everything else in the world, affects your sensibilities and sensitivities. I don’t offend, disrespect, hurt, upset, molest or kill in real life. Most of the time.  I am sorry if I have become a different person in the virtual space.

I apologize to you, you, you and you. And I apologize to you, too, the one with an apology of a face. I also apologize to Mithun Chakraborty for Mimoh.  Now please don’t kill me, sirs.

I am @ofnosurnamefame on Twitter.

Sharad Pawar hoping nobody would notice the little chit Pranab Mukherjee put in his pocket. (Manmohan Singh noticed!)

Sharad Pawar filled with gratitude for all what Mother Teresa has done for the country.

Sharad Pawar suddenly realizing it wasn’t a mic poking him.